Friday, July 30, 2010

Disco fun...

Our new buddies...

Today it was very exciting to spend time with our new Room 1 buddies...

Room 1 and Room 4 buddies on PhotoPeach

Beautiful day for a walk....

Today, for the first time ever, well, in recent years, the whole school went for a walk. It was an awesome day to be out in the sunshine. It was great for us to practise our road safety. We walked to the end of Inglis Street to watch the 150th Taieri Ploughing. The only problem was, we were a week early. Oh well, it was a gorgeous day for a walk and now we know how long it will take us to walk down next week.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eric Carle artwork with painted tissue paper - session 1

We had so much fun painting the tissue paper. We had to be very careful. We dried it then chose tissues to cut out to create our masterpieces...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday party and bubbles....

What a magic day Friday was... We had a party with our special friends from Room 1 then went out to play with bubbles!!!!

Fairytales, myths and legends - a starting point with our thinking hats on...

Thanks to Mrs McGhie and the Room 16 cyber kids for the inspiration...
Today we put our thinking hats on and came up with the following ideas to start off our learning on Fairytales, Myths and Legends...

White hat ideas:
You can make them up.
Fairytales, Myths and Legends aren't real.
Some people believe in myths and legends.
There are lots of Fairytales.
Fairytales normally have happy endings.
Fairytales always start with Once upon a time.
Fairytales are made up.
Fairytales are miracles.
Fairytales have lots of bravery.

Yellow hat ideas:
You can make them up.
They can have anything in them.
Fairytales aren't real.
Fairytales have been told for a long time.
There are lots of fairytales.
Fairytales are sometimes funny.
Fairytales always have a happy ending.
They have weapons.
They are good to read.
Fairytales are long and fun to read.

Black hat ideas:
Fairytales usually have bad guys or evil people.
Fairytales are not real.
There are more boys than girls in fairytales.
It is bad that ther are no bad endings.
Why do they make the stories so evil.
They are made up.
How come fairytales are not true.

Red hat ideas:
Some are funny and some aren't.
Some are sad.
Some are exciting.
Some make me cry.
Some make me laugh.
Some make me happy.
Some fairytales, myths and legends are really funny.
Some are awesome and some aren't.
You can feel really scared or sad.
Sometimes fairytales have battles that are scary or sad.

Green hat ideas:
We could create more characters.
Goldilocks could go to the North Pole and go to the Polar Bear's house.
The gingerbread man could get new icing accessories and a new little checkered shirt.
It is possible that fairytales are real.
Anything is possible in a fairytale.

Blue hat ideas:
Positive active thinking is needed.
You need to concentrate and think about the story.
You need to predict what the story is about.
You need to think about good questions to ask when you are reading them.
You need to think about the goodies before you read the stories.
You need to think if they are good to read or not.
There is lots to think about and lots to read.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you to everyone for an awesome Birthday celebration on Friday

What an awesome day I had on Friday. Thank you to everyone who spoilt me. We had a wonderful 'tea' party with our Room 1 buddies and went outside to play with bubbles... What fun. Photos to come...

Our new learning for RE

We are starting our Sacrament Strand. We are learning that God is everywhere, all the time. We went out for a walk, we looked, felt, listened and smelt... It was awesome to see God in Nature all around us...

Eric Carle Artwork...

On Friday we started our Eric Carle artwork. We started by diluting paint and painting tissue paper. We painted it one solid colour then added two or more colours til we were happy with the look. We had to be very careful with lifting up the tissue paper and drying it. When it was dry we drew our creature and traced pieces of tissue to cut out and glue on. It is a very delicate process and our artwork won't be finished til next week. Check back soon for the finished work...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My favourite day of the week....... tomorrow!

I am so excited to be in class tomorrow - my favourite day of the week. We are sharing our "O" homework, then after break we have our first Funky Friday of the term. We are creating artwork in the style of Eric Carle. Check back tomorrow for some of our creations!!!!!! And after lunch we are having a 'tea' party with our buddies from Room 1 then I think we will have bubble fun outside!!!! Oh what a wonderful day on the horizon!!!!

Maori language with Mrs D!

Today we had Mrs Dykes teaching us for the first time this term. It is great to have her back. She had a great holiday in Australia! We were working on our Maori Language Newspapaer in Education today and we took time to write up some of the Maori words we know. What an impressive list. Room 4, you are very clever!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canterbury Champ

In the holidays I went to the Canterbury Champs for Gymastics. Before we went we had to have a training session on Wednesdays for two hours. It was really hard work practising. When I went to the Canterbury champs I came first in free and hoop and first overall. I am so proud of myself. I guess it really paid off, all that practising and time spending trying to get through to the Canterbury champs and learning it.
By Zara

We are so proud of you too.

Ryan and the Rugby World Cup

On Tuesday after school I went to the ANZ in Dunedin to see the Rugby World Cup. The first tea that won it was New Zealand. I hope the next team to win it will be New Zealand too.

By Ryan

Monday, July 19, 2010

Term 3 2010

What a fabulous start to the new term!!!! Room 4, I am so very proud of you all. It is wonderful to have you all back at school and it is a bonus to have our new class members. Tomorrow we will get photos and stories onto the blog! YAY

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last day tomorrow...

Tomorrow is a very exciting day. It is our last day of term and we are all presenting our own dinosaur to the class. I can't wait to see them all and share them here later tomorrow. Also, we are having a class party to celebrate our fantastic term!!!!! We are having a shared lunch and we are welcoming four new learners to our class!