Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross Country at Taieri Beach

Today we got on the bus to go to the Cross Country. It took a while to get to Taieri Beach. It was a lot of fun. People were very loud on the bus. We were all very nervous and excited. The people in the bus kept singing and some of us found it annoying. I cannot believe that the Room 5 children still know the Polish Christmas carol - I love that sound. When we got to Taieri Beach there were lots of other schools. The year three boys had already run their race by the time we got there. The year 3 girls were ready to race when our bus pulled up. Mrs Howard got there JUST in time. The blocks went bang and the girls were off. They had to run around the first fence, then run straight down the fence line. We tried our best and we made it to the finish and that is all that matters! The year four boys raced next. Everyone was sprinting at the start. Then we all starting puffing and slowing down. Then we came to the finish line and everybody was cheering.
What a magnificient day. I am so very proud of you all. Please check back soon for photos of our marvellous day.

Haha, more fun from Mrs K.

Commenting on our blog - some ideas...

Do any of you want to take part in the individual blogging challenge??

Please check out this link and let me know if you sign up for the individual blogging challenge.


Blooming peacock...

Check out the wiki and you will see links to all sorts of programmes to help us with our thinking and our learning. Please let me know what works for you.

Cross Country tomorrow...

Yahoo - the first day of spring tomorrow. We have volleyball, touch and basketball skills with the Taieri College students at 9 o'clock tomorrow then our spelling tests!!! Have you used http://www.spellingcity.com/ this week? Have you learnt how to spell all your words?
After morning tea we are getting the bus to Taieri beach for the Cross Country. Fun, fun, fun...

Good bye winter...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cupcake day

Cupcake day... for the SPCA

Today was cupcake day at school...

Today we had cupcake day for the S.P.C.A.

Some of the parents bought the cupcakes into the office and the classes.

It was $1 dollar to get a cupcake.

We had to bring $1 dollar into our class rooms and then we had to give the money to our teachers.

Some kids forgot to bring $1 dollar in their class room.

Some kids went to the office to borrow $1.

When we got the cupcakes they were many different designs. There was a Panda, Pig, Mouse and a Dog. There was one with swirls, hundred thousands and licorice allsorts.

They were delicious!

By Janaya, Jessica and Zara

The cupcakes were delicious. Thanks so much to the families who made the wonderful cupcakes. It was exciting to see cupcake day on the news tonight. We sure did our bit to help the SPCA. As we think about serving others we can be proud of the way we have helped out today. I am about to upload the photos and create a photostory on my new laptop!!! Check back real soon!
Mrs K

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Computers in the foyer...

Today Dave and I have updated the computers in the foyer. They are like new machines again. I am really looking forward to using them with you this week.

Family photos...

Who got their family photos taken today? I did - lots of fun - even fun for my teenage children who don't usually like getting their photos taken. Can't wait to see the proofs....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And more photos....

It was wonderful to meet baby Blaine at the Cross Country...

More cross country photos...

Cross country - 27 August 2010

We have been practising for many weeks. Today is the day - finally - the big day. We lined up in our years. Room 1 went to the starting line. They raced one lap of the track. Then it was the year two's turn at the starting line. They raced one lap as well. Then it was year 3 boys at the starting line. They raced two laps. Finally, it was our turn - the year fours - we had great fun. We had to race two laps too. At the start we jogged. Getting towards the end we sprinted. It was so tiring at the end and we felt like we needed a big drink. Some of us felt like we were going to faint and we needed a big, big rest. Then it was the year five's turn. Some of us got first, second, third, fourth or fifth. If we got in the top five places you got a card and your name was recorded. Jacob said "I tried hard and I got first." What an amazing effort on your last day at our school Jacob. Then it was the year six. "I was really excited about this race" said Billy. The year sixes had to run two laps of the large track. Then it was the year seven and eights. Heaps of people had a lot of fun racing. I had fun watching everyone run. Lots of parents and grandparents came and watched. The crowd was cheering loudly. We felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of ourselves at the end. Next week we are going to the Taieri Cross Country at Taieri Beach. I hope we have as much fun as we did today.
This is the first collaborative story we have written on the blog. We all wrote one sentence. I hope you enjoy our recount and our photos.

Friday tomorrow - Yahoo - my favourite day of the week....

I can hardly believe that it is Friday tomorrow. I have had a crazy week. I taught Room 5 on Tuesday afternoon and we had a wonderful time on the wiki and the blog. Yesterday I was at an e-asttle course. This is a great site that we can use to set up tasks that you can work on on the computer and then we can look at it together to see what your next learning steps are. It was a great day and I learnt so much and met up with old friends and made some new friends. On the way home I stopped and picked up our new computers. I spent the day today shiftting computers and connecting new computers. It is very exciting to see new technology in use. Now I am really looking forward to tomorrow. We have such an exciting day planned. First thing we will share our S homework. After morning tea we have our school cross country. In the afternoon we are going to get together with our buddies in Room 1 then we are meeting up with Room 3. Our two classes are going to have a farewell party for Jacob and Ben. We will be very sad to see them go but we know that they will keep in touch with us.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Commenting on our blog....

It is so exciting to log onto the blog and see new comments. I think this is an area we really need to work on. If you see something on the blog you like or you want to give us feed back, please add a comment. To do this you need a google account which is simple, free and quick to set up. You can read here for the instructions:


If you are having trouble with this, come and see me in class and I will go through it with you. I am thinking of having a short session for families in class to go over some of our online learning. Please let me know if you would be interested in this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun - Mrs Dykes outside again - what is going on in Room 4????

We learnt lots of hockey skills and drills and even played a game. Thank you to Harry and Zack for providing the gear.

Fraction Fun....

Mrs K has been talking to us about our maths. She found out we have some gaps in our fraction learning so today is the start of Fraction Fun!!!!
We learnt that all fractions that equal one half have an even number on the bottom and the bottom number is double the top number. We learnt that it is easy to work out any fraction for one half. We learnt that fractions are easy to read if we concentrate. We got out all the fraction equipment and shared our learning with each other. We even learnt how to simplify fractions....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Funky Friday Fabulous Fun....

Today we have been doing photo weaving with room 6. We've been using a black and white photo and colour photo. Using both photos we have weaved them together and made a black and white colour photo.
by Josh and Callum.

R day

Today was AMAZING! We shared our R homework. Josh presented Roald Dahl and gave the class five Roald Dahl books because he had doubles. Thank you so much Josh. You are very kind. You will see I have added a shelfari bok shelf to this page. Please check it out.

My new learning today...

I spent today with 10 teachers who are as excited as I am about using computers and web 2.0 tools to improve learning. It was an amazing day and I learnt soooooooo much. I think you will notice a lot of changes to the blog. Up the top you will see tags for pages with links for those subject areas. You can click on lots of the links to choose what you might do to help with your learning. I am soooo excited about all the new things I have to share.

I came back to school this afternoon to help with some computer issues and I just loved walking back into our class. It was so good to see you all having so much fun with Mrs D. We are very lucky to be sharing a learning journey together.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hints of spring at my place using a new tool I learnt about today!

Maths outside? What is the world coming to?????

We had lots of fun learning about capacity with our new equipment. Water water everywhere and lots of learning.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zara is in the Taieri Herald...

A week ago someone from the Taieri Herald came to report me on winning 3 gold medals. I was in the Taieri Herald yesterday. It is very exciting!

By Zara

Connector reading is fun...

For reading we are reading a book called Fact or Fiction. Its all about stories that people think are true or false. There are lots of different stories like is big foot real?

Cycle Safety day - fun in the sun on our wheels...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random acts of kindness...

We are trying to focus on random acts of kindness this term. By just doing something to make someone's day you can actually make yourself feel really good. Today when we were at the school library I got a little treat delivered from my very special Room 1 friends. Thanks so much for the kindness Mrs Baines.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun with Mrs D

I am so pleased you had a great day with Mrs D. I hear that paper weaving was a lot of fun. I missed you all today. I hope you keep working on the Fairytale webquest over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taieri 150th Ploughing competition...

Coin trail for shelter box!

Last term Room 6 learnt about Shelter boxes and they wrote stories and entered a competition. They decided we could fundraise and today we had a coin trail. On a glorious sunny winter morning we went outside and laid our coins out. We were so excited to see how many coins we had and we raised $270.00. We are going to have a lot more fundraisers. We love the feeling of giving!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another walk in the sun...

Can you guess where we went today...