Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a sensational day for our school fair...

Thanks to our marvellous PTA and parents and extended school community for a fabulous fair.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Is a pineapple a berry?

Callum got me thinking this week when he told me a pineapple is a berry.  I told him I would have to be convinced and would look into it over the weekend.  Today I received a wonderful reply from one of my Twitter friends and I think this information proves that Callum is right!  How could I ever doubt you Callum.  Thanks so much for keeping me on my learning path...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Only 2 sleeps til our School Fair...

Today we had to clear the class ready for the cake stall for the School Fair. I hope we can remember where we put everything and how to get it all back together again. It is great to have a tidy up and find new places for things. I hope to see you all at the Fair!!!

Funky Friday Fun

Excitement as our plants grow...

New questions at the end of our second week of learning...

I am so excited about the new questions we came up with! Next week we will choose questions to research and we will begin to sort out our ideas, answer our questions and share our new learning.
Who made seeds? Chelsea
Why do some vegetables grow quicker than others? Zara
Why are vegetables a seed first? Janaya
Why do corn look like a dried up piece of corn? Georgia
Why do some vegetables have thick stems? Kaelen
How do dried vegetables grow a plant? Callum
Why is celery good for gout? Josh
Why are seeds different colours? Jake
Is a tomato a fruit?
Is a green vegetable good for you?
Is bread made out of flour?
Is pineapple a berry? Bridget
Is a tomato really a fruit? Bridget
What do we eat of beetroot? Bridget
Why are mushrooms called mushrooms? Janaya
Why vegetables are called vegetables? Janaya
Is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit? Janaya
Is a pineapple a berry?
Is a tomato a really a fruit?
Why has a strawberry got seeds on it?
Why is a carrot a root? Lorie
Why do they call mash rums mush rums but they are called fungus? Lorie
Why are onion called bulbs? Lorie
Is a tomato a fruit? Aaliyah
Does broccoli have seeds in it? Aaliyah
Does cucumber have seeds in it? Aaliyah
Is a nut a fruit? Caitlin
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Caitlin
Is a potato a fruit or a vegetable? Caitlin
Why are mushrooms called fungi? Jessica
Why do strawberries have seeds on the outside of them? Jessica
Why are vegetables called vegetables? Jessica
Why are mushrooms in the Fungi group?
Why are some seeds bigger than others?
Why are cucumbers so long? Zara
Why are cucumbers long? Ciara
Why are onions circle? Ciara
Why is popcorn corn? Ciara
Why are mushrooms fungi? Georgia
Why do we eat different bits of vegetables? Georgia
Why are radishes called radishes? Georgia
Is tomato a fruit or a veggie? Josh
Why is pepper a fruit? Josh
Why does cress face the sun? Josh.
Why are mushroom called fungi?
Why are pepper not a fruit
Why are strawberries the only the fruit with the most seeds?
A tomato is a fruit?
Why are pepper a fruit?
Why is pumpkin a fruit? Kaelen
Are there vegetables we haven’t come across? Billy
Who discovered vegetables? Billy
How long have vegetables been around? Billy
Can you cook all vegetables? Billy
Is there a vegetables that no-one has found?
Can you cook every vegetable?
How long have vegetables been around?
Why are carrots pointy?
Why is cauliflower white?
Why is asparagus long?

Explosion of learning in Room 4 today....

Today we had an explosion of learning. We have recorded some of our new ideas... and now we have a whole lot more questions....
I learnt that you eat the root of a carrot. Callum
Mushrooms are in the fungi group. Callum
You eat the flower of a cauliflower. Callum
Cucumber has seeds. Josh
You eat the bulb off an onion. Josh
You eat the leaves off cabbage. Josh
I learnt that you are eating the root of a carrot.
I learnt that you eat the bulb of an onion Alex
I learnt that popcorn is a vegetable? Aaliyah
I learnt that bread is made from grain? Aaliyah
I learnt that nuts are a fruit? Aaliyah
Mushrooms are fungi?
Milk chocolate is dairy milk?
Strawberries have seeds on the outside.
Cucumber has seeds in It.? Paige
Nugget are made out of chicken skin. Paige
We eat the bulb of an onion. Paige
I learnt that we can eat the stalk of a flowers.Caitlin
I learnt that bread is made with grain.Caitlin
I learnt that rice is grain.Caitlin
I learnt that an alfalfa is a seed. Janaya
I learnt that you eat a bob of an onion. Janaya
I learnt that there are a lot of vegetables. Janaya
I learnt that mushrooms are fungi! Zara
I learnt that pepper is a fruit. Zara
I learnt that we eat different bits of vegetables. Zara
I learnt that mushrooms are fungi. Ciara
I learnt that cress grows to the sun. Ciara
I learnt that you can eat seeds. Ciara
Mushrooms are fungus. Georgia
We eat different bits of vegetables. Georgia
There are lots and lots of vegetables. Georgia
What we eat of fruit and vegetables. Bridget
That mushrooms are fungi. Bridget
What are sweets and what is dairy. Bridget
I learnt that we eat seeds from a pea? Lorie
I learnt we eat roots? Lorie
I learnt that vegetables that have seeds are fruit? Lorie
I learnt carrots are roots. Billy
I learnt you can eat leaves. Billy
I learnt peas can come in yellow. Billy
I leant strawberries have their seeds are on the outside
I leant leaks have white roots
I leant that carrots are roots.
I learnt you can eat mushroom?
I learnt yogurt is dairy
I learnt Lettuce is a leave
I learnt that nuts are vegetables.
I learnt that cucumbers are a fruit
I learnt that a pineapple is a berry
I learnt that mushrooms are a fungus Jack
I learnt onions are related to tulips Jack
I learnt pineapples are a berry Jack

Thinking hats are helping us sort out our Vegetable thinking...

Vegetables don’t have seeds
Vegetables are healthy
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are different shapes
Vegetables are different colors
They can be different colors
You can grow them
They taste all different
You can have how many you want
They can heal people
Vegetables have vitamins
They need lots of water and sunshine
They need lots of love
They need lots of water every day
Tomato is a fruit not a vegetable
Some are tasty some aren’t

It is fun to plant a vegetable garden
They have a lot of calcium in them
They are good for you
They are good to eat
You should eat them
They give you vitamins
I like vegetables because they are yum and I like yams
Vegetables are very healthy
Vegetables are very healthy and can make you very strong
Veggies are good
Veggies are great
That vegetables are all different shapes and colors
They are very tasty
Vegetables are very yummy
Some taste good
They make you healthy
They are very tasty and make you healthy

I hate beans
Some people don’t like them
I don’t like broad beans
I don’t like carrots
I don’t like corn
I don’t like pumpkin
I hate beans
I hate pumpkin
I hate asparagus.
I don’t like brussel sprouts
Why do they all taste different
Why do some people not have 5+ a day?
Why is pumpkin so crunchy?

Vegetables are good because they make you strong
Vegetables are good to make you healthy
Vegetables are good because they make you grow
When I eat vegetables I feel good
Some vegetables taste good some don’t
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are good to eat because they make you healthy
They heal you
They make you grow big and strong
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are healthy
We should eat 5 + a day of vegetables
Some don’t taste good but it’s healthy for you
Some are yuck
They are good for me

How did they come?
How did they get different?
How many vegetables are there in the world?
Why are they different colors?
Why do some vegetables have seeds and some don’t?
Can broccoli make you grow?
What was the first vegetable in the word?
Vegetables could be shaped like a heart?
Why are cabbages green?
Why are chilies hot?
Why are peppers hot?
Why do potatoes grow from another potato?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our visitors....

Did anyone notice today that our visitor counter moved past 4000? I am very excited that we have so many people sharing our learning journey!

Alex and Ciara made a photopeach about our musical...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Josh and Callum's vegetable planting photopeach

Our musical...

Today Josh and Alex each taught a friend how to use photo peach then those friends are teaching others and before long we will all be able to create on photopeach. What a clever class we are...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Planting day...

After lunch we went outside to work in our garden. Ryan
Today Room 4 put potatoes in our garden. Chelsea
We got into groups of four or five. Paige
We looked at spinach and lettuce plants that Mrs K's Mum grew from seed for us. Billy
We had a close look at the potatoes and noticed the sprouts on them. Janaya
We know they are Rocket seed potatoes. Sam
We read the back of the bag and followed the planting instructions. Jake

Our questions for the wonder vine in week one of our topic...

What if all vegetables were 1 colour like green or red?
Why are vegetables called vegetable?
I wonder why vegetables don’t have seeds?
I wonder how vegetables grow?
How fast do Vegetables grow?
I wonder what’s the most favourite vegetable at our school ?
How many veggies are there?
What is the best veggie to eat?
What is the favourite veggie in room 4?
Why are vegetables different colours?
I wonder what is the least poplar vegetable in our school?
Why can’t vegetables have seeds?
Why are they different shapes?
I wonder why vegetables don’t have seeds?
Is yellow and orange the only colour for carrots?
Why are vegetables healthy ?
Why is a tomato not a vegetable?
How do they grow?
How many can grow from one seed?
When vegetables grow why do they twist around each other?
Why do some vegetables have seeds and some don’t?
How fast can carrots grow?
Why are cucumber long?
Why do carrot roots grow so long?
Why are vegetables different colours?
How many vegetables are there in the world?
Is red the only colour for yams?

Strictly Fairytale come dancing...

The day would not be complete without a word about our Musical. Our Matinee performance today was Fabulous. This morning we critiqued our performance in yesterday's dress rehearsal. We looked closely at what we did well individually and collectively and what we need to work on. We watch the clip again just looking at ourself for the entire play and dance. We got a lot of suprises. We worked out lots of improvemwents and we chose to work on those today. The improvement from the dress rehearsal to the Matinee was UNBELIEVABLE. We were so much more polished and aware of what we were doing. At the end of the day we found the main reason for the huge improvement was the fact that we had an audience and it is easy to perform with a live audience.
What a wonderfully perceptive, reflective class I have the pleasure of working with. Well done to you all. I can hardly wait to see how you go for the next two night performances.
I have hundreds of photos but I am not posting any till after the final perfomance on Thursday so the costumes and look remain a surprise to all!!!

The Wonder Vine has sprouted!

Today we decided to record some of our very early questions about vegetables. It is an exciting time - trying to decide what we 'know', what we 'think we know' and what we 'want to know'. We are very excited to see our questions growing on our vine!

...looking forward to a new potato party in 65 days...

Janaya and Thomas arrive to see the vine...

On Monday morning Janaya and Thomas arrived at school and found a vine growing up and out of our class. What surprises little faces!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

News from Zara


Last night we flew to Fuzhou.
Then we drove to the Lakeside hotel.
We Got room service last night of Pizza and french fries.
Then we had a bath
After that BED
Now i am writting this

This exact time here in China is - 6:41
Today we are going to Gutian 2 and ahalf hour trip!
MIss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's a book

Pop into class if you want to read the real book "It's a book"!

Zara's news...

Zara can't access her blog in China so she is posting on her wiki page. I have copied it here for you to see what she is up to.

Holiday Page
And Thats When I Am In

We went to China today it was a long trip on the plane.
We got to our hotel and checked in
We had a walk around and went to the silk street market, it was really busy and loads of people.
Today we went to the Great Wall of China. It is very long. It was fun, awesome, a life changing experience. It was very steep and had lots and lots of steps, they were very uneven. It is very old and amazing.
Today we went to the Forbidden City. Has anyone seen the Karate Kid movie, it was in that movie.
We went to the Temple of Heaven too. We went to Tianemenen square. They were very interesting.
We had a swim in the hotel pool, and we had iced chocolate from Starbucks - that was delicious and the pool was cold but fun.
Today we are going to leave Beijing and fly to Fuzhou. Before that we are going to visit the Olympic park where they had the Beijing olympics in 2008.

That's all for now.
The blog does not work in China.

I miss all my friends.
Bye from Zara

A new wall of learning begins

Today I went out for lunch with my lovely teacher friend Mrs Bee. She came for a look around our school on the way back and I told her all about our learning for this term. She had the brilliant idea of sowing vines and letting them grow towards the light and escape!!!! Thanks Mrs Bee. You are an inspiration. Thanks to my lovely son for helping the vines grow! I can't wait to see the look on your faces on Monday morning. Remember our INQUIRY stages. We Start tuning in by thinking about-
• What do I know?
• What do I want to know?
• What questions could I ask?
• Where and how can I find information?

"V" day

We had very excitng homework presentations for the letter V. Alex showed us a real variety of darts and taught us about VELOCITY and Georgia taught us about VOLCANOES and made the lava flow for us.

Different study styles...

My daughter is studying for her University exams. I watched in amazement as she reviewed her notes. She read through her notes and identified the key points. She has made posters using shape and colour to help her make connections to the key ideas. How do you study? How do you work to remember key ideas? Could you use colours and shapes to help you achieve your goals? What if you used a different colour for each time table and put them up around your room? Let's discuss these ideas on Monday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maths fun... multiplication is a lot of fun...

My clever son

My very clever son had to make a model of a structure for his course. I think this is amazing! What do you think?

My Spring garden delights...

Zara left today on her adventure

Today Zara flies to Beijing. It is a very long flight and she is flying through the night. I hope she is able to sleep. Today the class presented Zara with Ziwi - a kiwi to keep her safe on her travels and go adventuring with her... I hope we see updates on her blog soon....

...where have I been????

Sorry for the long gap between posts. We have been extremely busy preparing for the school musical... Photos and movie clips soon....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gold for New Zealand

I have been playing with a new programme called xtranormal and I created a message to congratulate Alison Shanks on her tremendous ride tonight...