Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to you all

What an amazing Christmas Mass this evening.  It was so great to see so many of you there.  I hope you all have a wonderful time tomorrow.  I am very excited!  There are sooooo many beautiful presents waiting to be unwrapped....  I am away to Cromwell on Sunday.  Happy New Year to you all. 
Mrs K

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Masterchef St Mary's style

When we harvested our vegetables we decided to have a Masterchef.  We prepped our food, plated up and our plates were judged by visiting Chefs Lindsay and Bridget!!!  The categories were presentation, quantity, colour, and taste.  What a lot of fun we had!  One group got an extra prize for eating all their plate!!!

Our walls came alive when we shared our inquiries

Mrs K is soooo proud of her class.  Everyone presented new learning to celebrate the Edible Plants topic.  We learnt soooo much from each other. 

Snapshots of the last days together...

On Wednesday we harvested our vegetables!!!  We got some big and some little surprises...


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zara's blog note to go with the pop art photopeach which I will link again so they are together...

The Art Gallery

After we drove to the art gallery we met John. He took us around the museum and showed us the difference between old paintings and a pop art painting. He told us to play spot the difference. The old paintings were all dressed up and dark dull colours. But the Pop art posters were all colourful and bright. Laid back you could say. Then we learnt about the colour wheel. For example Hot Colours go better when they are with cold colours. Red and green, orange and blue, or even yellow and purple. Then it was straight into business. First we drew the fruit on a white piece of paper and coloured it in thoroughly. Then the parents put ink around the fruit once we had coloured them in. John and the parents cut out and dried our fruit. While they did that for us the children were doing the place mats or table cloths for our fruit bowl. They all look awesome!


By Zara

The start of Zara's sleepover adventure.... more to come

Museum Sleep Over!

It’s the day! I lugged my bags to the hall before school. I waited for the bell to ring. Ding-a-ling-a-ling, went the bell. Prayers were up first. Then we had to wait until 9.30 so we could leave it and hit the road. First stop the dinosaur park. Totally enjoyable! Running around in the fresh air, with your friends! After the dinosaur park we went to our secret destination. CADBURYS! We went into Santa’s grotto and got our photos taken with Santa. We wrapped up chocolates for family, friends or yourselves! Then we went to the gardens. We ate our lunch and played. After a while playing it was SHOW TIME! Lorie Bridget Ciara Georgia Janaya and I Zara were on first! We did Lorie’s Hip hop dance it was way cool. Then it was boys fighting. We also did another show. Starring

Ciara's Museum reflection

Museum sleep over

On Wednesday morning at 9:30 we got in our cars and went to the dinosaur park. Then we went to the secret destination. It was Cadburys. We went to the gardens and we got in groups and did a dance or anything that you wanted to do. Then we got to pack up and go to the museum to see the butterflies. It was so hot. I was wearing jeans. They wear nearly sticking to my legs. It was so hot

I nearly fainted. Then we got our beds ready and got our

PJs. After that we went to bed. We got up at 7:00 in the morning. I was so tired. We got dressed, had breakfast and we went swimming. It was awesome. I forgot to tell you the scary part. When we went on the night walk I was so sacred.

By Ciara.

Janaya's highlights

I was excited to sleep at museum sleep over. We went to the dinosaur park for a play. I took my camera to the park. We went to the art gallery and my favourite part was the chocolate factor. It was fun. I slept well. The end of my adventure. By Janaya.

Chelsea's highlights from the sleepover


On Thursday we went to the art gallery and made fruit bowls. Then we went to the pool and had lunch and went in the pool. We went on the hydro slide and went on diving board and I did a flip off the diving board 6 times. It was amazing. It was like doing a roly-poly off a diving board.

Callum's Museum sleepover reflection

Our two day adventure

My favorite in the adventure was the pool because it was my first time ever going off the diving board. It was fantastic. The most challenging part was the night walk. It was scary and freaky at night. We set our beds on a pad in discover pad. We slept in sleeping bags. The lights were on at seven o’clock. I got my pad and brought it upstairs. We got breakfast, I had cornflakes and milk. We packed and got in our car groups. We left to the Art gallery and John Neumegen took us for a tour around the gallery. Then we went to his work shop and made fruit bowls.

Museum Sleepover - Bridget

Room 4 Museum Sleepover!!!
On Thursday Room 4 went swimming at the pool. First I went to the whirl pool. Then I went on the Hydroslide and for the first time ever I jumped off the diving board. I jumped off at least four or five times. My Mum came swimming with me. I had a great time. On Thursday Room 4 also went to the art Gallery and made pop art pictures. The pop art pictures are of Fruit bowls with fruit in them. My fruit bowl had pictures of Bananas, Cherries, Oranges, Kiwi fruit and an Apple. That was the fun on Thursday
By Bridget

New updates....

Today I copied the blog notes folder over so I can add some updates tonight.  I hope you enjoy the following posts.  Comments very welcome. 

Can't wait to get to school tomorrow...

I am very excited to get to school tomorrow and see my smiling little faces arrive.  I have a very special surprise for you all!!!  Let's have a magical last 3 days together!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Andrew, Brendan, Catherine, Corey, Dave, Frank, Karen, Karen, Kevin, Marie, Paul, Ray, Ritchie, Stephen, Virginia, Kiri, Natalie, Claire, and John, Thank you all for your tremendous support for our two day adventure.  We really appreciate you all and have had a fabulous time.  Thanks again.
Room 4 and Mrs K

Day Two highlights

Bright eyed and bushy tailed after a great night's sleep

Watching advertisements at the Art Gallery

Creating Healthy Platters - eating our colours everyday

Our masterpieces

Hydroslide fun

Diving Board Fun

Santa's Grotto at Cadbury world...

The journey so far...

Night of TERROR

The doors were closed, all the people had gone home and the Room 4 sleepover team were tired and weary.  They insisted on just one more adventure and so the night walk began.  The line was organised with parents carefully scattered amongst the line all locked together hand to shoulder.  It was dark, incredibly dark, and quiet as we exited the comfort of our base and timidly paced through unknown lands.  Aghghghghghg the first blood curling screaming ripped along the line and echoed interminably...  Hearts could be heard like beating drums and sweat encrusted the little brows.  Aghghghghgh wave upon wave of scream burst as the shapes in the dark moved and grabbed and terrified us.  Nervous laughter rapidly turned to weeping and panting..... “I want to go back” was echoed along the line.  The brave and hearty crumbled and children clung to each other and clambered on the adults.  The sounds and the sights and the vivid imaginations of the Room 4 children was turning our adventure into TERROR at the museum........

Oh the terror...

Just back from the night walk...... aghghghghghg how scary was that.  Just after we set off in the dark we were nearly frightened out of our skins.... the noises were terrifying.  We were almost as petrified as the mummy!!!!!!! Well anyway - it was just sooooooo scary.  We will try to tell you about it tomorrow - if we ever get to sleep that is. 
Night everyone!!!!!