Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zara's blog note to go with the pop art photopeach which I will link again so they are together...

The Art Gallery

After we drove to the art gallery we met John. He took us around the museum and showed us the difference between old paintings and a pop art painting. He told us to play spot the difference. The old paintings were all dressed up and dark dull colours. But the Pop art posters were all colourful and bright. Laid back you could say. Then we learnt about the colour wheel. For example Hot Colours go better when they are with cold colours. Red and green, orange and blue, or even yellow and purple. Then it was straight into business. First we drew the fruit on a white piece of paper and coloured it in thoroughly. Then the parents put ink around the fruit once we had coloured them in. John and the parents cut out and dried our fruit. While they did that for us the children were doing the place mats or table cloths for our fruit bowl. They all look awesome!


By Zara