Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog update live from discovery world

Today we went to discovery world we are doing so many exciting things.  We are staying the night in discovery world.  Kaelen
I liked it when to the gardens and performed on stage and we looked at the bird aviaries.  Jake
When we went to Cadbury world we got to wrap up presents.  There are chocolates in them.  Some people wrote the gift card to themself, from themself.  Bridget
I liked when we were looking at the Maori food gathering in the past.  Aaliyah
We've had lots of fun at all the places we've been.  My favourite was Cadburys because I've never been there before.  It wa a good surprise.  Alex
It has been fun so far.  The dinosaur park was really really really fun especially when I went down the dinosaur slide.  Thomas
I have really enjoyed the day so far.  I have loved walking around the museum and finding out where things are.  Jemma-Rose
I love the bubble thing because I was really good at it.  Georgia
On the golf ball contraption, I really like it because the ball goes around and around and gets hit by a hammer and comes back to the same place.  Sam
Mrs Kenneally tricked us telling us we were going to the Otago Daily Times but we weren't actually going there, we went to Cadburys.  Ryan
I am having such a great time.  It is amazing to see how well everyone gets on together.  I am soooooo proud of my lovely class.  The highlight of the day for me so far is Cadbury World.  Mrs K
The highlight of the day for me was the gardens and all the funny show.  My favourite show was Granny slam.  Jack
My highlight of the day is being here in Discovery World.  Callum
My highlight of the day was the gardens.  I liked playing and having the shows and chasing the seagulls.  Caitlin
My favourite place was the gardens because they looked good and I had a great play there.  Mason
We have taken hundreds of photos.  Mrs K
I really liked when we had a drink and some cookies for afternoon tea.  Paige
It is fun playing in discovery world and Tom helped us learn new things.  Zack
I was very excited when we first got here.  I enjoyed the dinosaur park because it was my first time going and I liked the tyre.  Janaya
I have been soundly beaten by Catherine in a mindgame and I am having a great time already and I only just got here.  Marie
The expressions on the children's faces is worth a million dollars.  Catherine
It has been exceptional how well all the children have been behaved today.  The look of surprise on their faces when we weren't going to the ODT office was amazing.  Corey
Im having lots of fun in survival factor. Billy
Its really fun being here and survival factor is my favourite part. I'm still having lots of fun!
I really like when we went to the dinosaur park because I liked swinging on the tyres. Kurt.
I cant wait until we go to sleep.  My favourite part was balancing on the surfboard. I cant wait till we have pizza Gracin.
The dinosaur park was my favourite place today, it was really fun running around in the fresh air. Zara
My favourite part was the dinosaur park because I've never been there and I loved the big dinosaur slide.Ciara
It was fun coming here because I was so excited to have a look around.  My favourite part was going on the surfboard and going on the sneeze thing.  Lorie.
It was fun, I cant wait until my night walk. It was really fun in Cadburys and we thought we were going to the newspaper place, they tricked us.  Jessica.
I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep. Karen   Haha said Marie