Sunday, November 14, 2010

On to the next step of the learning journey...

Today was SOOOOO exciting.  We have all decided on the next part of our learning journey.  We are going to spend the next three weeks researching and answering our questions.  We can present our learning in any form as long as it is in our own words.  We can use photos, movies, powerpoints, pictures, words, posters...
We would really like your help with our research.  Here are our challenges...

Billy   Are there vegetables we haven’t discovered yet? What are they and how do they come about?
Georgia   What is on seeds to make them look pink or blue? Why is it used?
Jack   What is fungus? Is it a vegetable?
Zack   The life cycle of pumpkin
Chelsea   Who makes seeds and how?
Ciara    What are the boy and girl parts of vegetable plants?
Zara    Who invented seeds? The creation story.
Bridget     The life cycle of a pea.
Paige     The life cycle of corn.
Josh    What vegetable has the most vitamins? How can we tell?
Jessica     The life cycle of lettuce.
Caitlin    The life cycle of carrots.
Kaelen    The life cycle of radish
Jake    The life cycle of eggplant – aubergine.
Sam    How do bees pollinate the plant and how does the plant create a seed then grow into another plant?
Brya   The life cycle of a cucumber.
Callum    How do root vegetables get vitamins?
Alex    What are the vegetable families?
Thomas    The life cycle of leeks, onions, shallots, garlic, scallions, chives. (Alliums)
Mason    Can you eat all vegetables raw? Can you cook all vegetables?
Lorie    How do seeds know when to grow?
Jemma    The life cycle of beans.
Kurt    Why do some plants creep and crawl to grow?
Ryan    The life cycle of a potato.
Janaya    The life cycle of broccoli, cauliflower and brocoflower.
Aaliyah     Why are vegetables healthy and good for us?
Gracin   What do seeds need to grow into vegetables?