Monday, August 30, 2010

Cupcake day... for the SPCA

Today was cupcake day at school...

Today we had cupcake day for the S.P.C.A.

Some of the parents bought the cupcakes into the office and the classes.

It was $1 dollar to get a cupcake.

We had to bring $1 dollar into our class rooms and then we had to give the money to our teachers.

Some kids forgot to bring $1 dollar in their class room.

Some kids went to the office to borrow $1.

When we got the cupcakes they were many different designs. There was a Panda, Pig, Mouse and a Dog. There was one with swirls, hundred thousands and licorice allsorts.

They were delicious!

By Janaya, Jessica and Zara

The cupcakes were delicious. Thanks so much to the families who made the wonderful cupcakes. It was exciting to see cupcake day on the news tonight. We sure did our bit to help the SPCA. As we think about serving others we can be proud of the way we have helped out today. I am about to upload the photos and create a photostory on my new laptop!!! Check back real soon!
Mrs K