Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zara's news...

Zara can't access her blog in China so she is posting on her wiki page. I have copied it here for you to see what she is up to.

Holiday Page
And Thats When I Am In

We went to China today it was a long trip on the plane.
We got to our hotel and checked in
We had a walk around and went to the silk street market, it was really busy and loads of people.
Today we went to the Great Wall of China. It is very long. It was fun, awesome, a life changing experience. It was very steep and had lots and lots of steps, they were very uneven. It is very old and amazing.
Today we went to the Forbidden City. Has anyone seen the Karate Kid movie, it was in that movie.
We went to the Temple of Heaven too. We went to Tianemenen square. They were very interesting.
We had a swim in the hotel pool, and we had iced chocolate from Starbucks - that was delicious and the pool was cold but fun.
Today we are going to leave Beijing and fly to Fuzhou. Before that we are going to visit the Olympic park where they had the Beijing olympics in 2008.

That's all for now.
The blog does not work in China.

I miss all my friends.
Bye from Zara