Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strictly Fairytale come dancing...

The day would not be complete without a word about our Musical. Our Matinee performance today was Fabulous. This morning we critiqued our performance in yesterday's dress rehearsal. We looked closely at what we did well individually and collectively and what we need to work on. We watch the clip again just looking at ourself for the entire play and dance. We got a lot of suprises. We worked out lots of improvemwents and we chose to work on those today. The improvement from the dress rehearsal to the Matinee was UNBELIEVABLE. We were so much more polished and aware of what we were doing. At the end of the day we found the main reason for the huge improvement was the fact that we had an audience and it is easy to perform with a live audience.
What a wonderfully perceptive, reflective class I have the pleasure of working with. Well done to you all. I can hardly wait to see how you go for the next two night performances.
I have hundreds of photos but I am not posting any till after the final perfomance on Thursday so the costumes and look remain a surprise to all!!!