Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our questions for the wonder vine in week one of our topic...

What if all vegetables were 1 colour like green or red?
Why are vegetables called vegetable?
I wonder why vegetables don’t have seeds?
I wonder how vegetables grow?
How fast do Vegetables grow?
I wonder what’s the most favourite vegetable at our school ?
How many veggies are there?
What is the best veggie to eat?
What is the favourite veggie in room 4?
Why are vegetables different colours?
I wonder what is the least poplar vegetable in our school?
Why can’t vegetables have seeds?
Why are they different shapes?
I wonder why vegetables don’t have seeds?
Is yellow and orange the only colour for carrots?
Why are vegetables healthy ?
Why is a tomato not a vegetable?
How do they grow?
How many can grow from one seed?
When vegetables grow why do they twist around each other?
Why do some vegetables have seeds and some don’t?
How fast can carrots grow?
Why are cucumber long?
Why do carrot roots grow so long?
Why are vegetables different colours?
How many vegetables are there in the world?
Is red the only colour for yams?