Thursday, October 28, 2010

New questions at the end of our second week of learning...

I am so excited about the new questions we came up with! Next week we will choose questions to research and we will begin to sort out our ideas, answer our questions and share our new learning.
Who made seeds? Chelsea
Why do some vegetables grow quicker than others? Zara
Why are vegetables a seed first? Janaya
Why do corn look like a dried up piece of corn? Georgia
Why do some vegetables have thick stems? Kaelen
How do dried vegetables grow a plant? Callum
Why is celery good for gout? Josh
Why are seeds different colours? Jake
Is a tomato a fruit?
Is a green vegetable good for you?
Is bread made out of flour?
Is pineapple a berry? Bridget
Is a tomato really a fruit? Bridget
What do we eat of beetroot? Bridget
Why are mushrooms called mushrooms? Janaya
Why vegetables are called vegetables? Janaya
Is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit? Janaya
Is a pineapple a berry?
Is a tomato a really a fruit?
Why has a strawberry got seeds on it?
Why is a carrot a root? Lorie
Why do they call mash rums mush rums but they are called fungus? Lorie
Why are onion called bulbs? Lorie
Is a tomato a fruit? Aaliyah
Does broccoli have seeds in it? Aaliyah
Does cucumber have seeds in it? Aaliyah
Is a nut a fruit? Caitlin
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Caitlin
Is a potato a fruit or a vegetable? Caitlin
Why are mushrooms called fungi? Jessica
Why do strawberries have seeds on the outside of them? Jessica
Why are vegetables called vegetables? Jessica
Why are mushrooms in the Fungi group?
Why are some seeds bigger than others?
Why are cucumbers so long? Zara
Why are cucumbers long? Ciara
Why are onions circle? Ciara
Why is popcorn corn? Ciara
Why are mushrooms fungi? Georgia
Why do we eat different bits of vegetables? Georgia
Why are radishes called radishes? Georgia
Is tomato a fruit or a veggie? Josh
Why is pepper a fruit? Josh
Why does cress face the sun? Josh.
Why are mushroom called fungi?
Why are pepper not a fruit
Why are strawberries the only the fruit with the most seeds?
A tomato is a fruit?
Why are pepper a fruit?
Why is pumpkin a fruit? Kaelen
Are there vegetables we haven’t come across? Billy
Who discovered vegetables? Billy
How long have vegetables been around? Billy
Can you cook all vegetables? Billy
Is there a vegetables that no-one has found?
Can you cook every vegetable?
How long have vegetables been around?
Why are carrots pointy?
Why is cauliflower white?
Why is asparagus long?