Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking hats are helping us sort out our Vegetable thinking...

Vegetables don’t have seeds
Vegetables are healthy
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are different shapes
Vegetables are different colors
They can be different colors
You can grow them
They taste all different
You can have how many you want
They can heal people
Vegetables have vitamins
They need lots of water and sunshine
They need lots of love
They need lots of water every day
Tomato is a fruit not a vegetable
Some are tasty some aren’t

It is fun to plant a vegetable garden
They have a lot of calcium in them
They are good for you
They are good to eat
You should eat them
They give you vitamins
I like vegetables because they are yum and I like yams
Vegetables are very healthy
Vegetables are very healthy and can make you very strong
Veggies are good
Veggies are great
That vegetables are all different shapes and colors
They are very tasty
Vegetables are very yummy
Some taste good
They make you healthy
They are very tasty and make you healthy

I hate beans
Some people don’t like them
I don’t like broad beans
I don’t like carrots
I don’t like corn
I don’t like pumpkin
I hate beans
I hate pumpkin
I hate asparagus.
I don’t like brussel sprouts
Why do they all taste different
Why do some people not have 5+ a day?
Why is pumpkin so crunchy?

Vegetables are good because they make you strong
Vegetables are good to make you healthy
Vegetables are good because they make you grow
When I eat vegetables I feel good
Some vegetables taste good some don’t
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are good to eat because they make you healthy
They heal you
They make you grow big and strong
Vegetables are good for you
Vegetables are healthy
We should eat 5 + a day of vegetables
Some don’t taste good but it’s healthy for you
Some are yuck
They are good for me

How did they come?
How did they get different?
How many vegetables are there in the world?
Why are they different colors?
Why do some vegetables have seeds and some don’t?
Can broccoli make you grow?
What was the first vegetable in the word?
Vegetables could be shaped like a heart?
Why are cabbages green?
Why are chilies hot?
Why are peppers hot?
Why do potatoes grow from another potato?